2010 Poetry Challenge

When is the last time you wrote a poem?
How would you like to make 2010 the year you go all out with your poetry?

Positive Energy Works is issuing a challenge for you to get the poems flowing in 2010!

How it works:
By almost total anarchy!

There is minimal organization, control or oversight in this challenge.

  • You set a goal for yourself of how many poems you would like to write in 2010.
  • It can be one a day exactly, a total of 365 for the year, one a month, or whatever you decide.
  • You set up your own blog.
  • We encourage you to set it up so it's anonymous so you can have more freedom while writing, but that's your decision too.
  • Send us the link (via the form) and we'll list it and your goal here.
  • Start writing poetry!
  • At the end of the year, the poetry is yours to do with it what you will. Publish your own anthology. Collaborate with other poets to make an anthology.

To accept the challenge:

  • Go, set up your blog.
  • For example, to set up an anonymous blog, it's easy to set up a new email in gmail and set up a blogger account.
  • Submit the challenge acceptange form (to the right)

We will list for each participant:

  • Blog name (if you have one)
  • Blog link
  • Your goal for quantity of poems in 2010
  • Periodically, and at the end of the year, we'll post the total number of poems posted.

Follow the Poets!
Here is the link to the poets that are participating in the challenge.
Follow along or join in!

Poetry 2010 Challenge Acceptance Form

Blog Identifier (Blog name, username, handle, random series of letters and numbers)

Link to My Poetry Blog or Website

I challenge myself to post the following number of poems in 2010:


I will include a link back to the Positive Energy Works directory of challenge participants (optional, but kindly requested!)

  "I'm participating in Positive Energy Works' 2010 Poetry Challenge.


About the challenge:

Poems must be your own work, but can be from a previous time period or new writings. If we get overwhelmed or do not have time to keep up the directory listing or the tallies, so be it! Keep writing poetry! This is a free form exercise meant to encourage poetry writing, but is by no way any kind of official contest!

I accept the challenge!

By submitting this challenge, I understand the Positive Energy Works has no claim to my poetry. What I expect from Positive Energy Works is to be listed in the Poetry 2010 Challenge acceptance list, showing my blog identifier, link, my target and  updates of quantity of poems posted at the end of the year, and possibly during the year. I verify that the above link is to my poetry and am therefore authorized to submit this site to the directory.