Language Teacher & Resource Developer

I'm fascinated by languages! As an avid language learner and teacher, I understand what it takes to learn, teach and develop materials for acquiring another language.
  • Follow my blog on teaching in Korea, Saudi Arabia and the USA
  • English language teacher: Taught adults and children in the USA, South Korea and Saudi Arabia.
  • Language learner: To be a good teacher, you must continue to be a language learner.. As a teacher, remembering what it feels like to be a student keeps you humble and focused. I have studied and learned a little bit of Spanish, French, Ga (a local language of Ghana), and Korean..Arabic is the newest language on my list.
  • Language resource developer: Partnered with Ghanaian language teacher to co-develop language lessons, with print and audio. Set up an online delivery system.
  • Research: Attend conferences, research, investigate and apply strategies to improve language acquisition effectiveness and enjoyment. Have developed ways to use music, videos and media to increase listening time and quickly improve skills.