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Cute & Yummy Raw Holiday Cookies

at Natural Grocers

Sat Dec 3 at 9 am at Leetsdale & Alameda

Sat Dec 3 at 11 am at Colfax & Washington

The Gift of Self-Care: Planning for Healthy Holiday Eating
at Dancing the Soul
$50 for series of three classes
Nov 2, Nov 9, Nov 16
7 pm - 8 pm
Register online at Dancing the Soul by October 25

DEMO: Learn to Make Sauerkraut in a Jar
FREE SEMINAR! All ages welcome. Choose morning or afternoon.
Sat Oct 8 at 11 am at Natural Grocers, Colfax & Washington
Sat Oct 8 at 2:30 pm at Natural Grocers, Leetsdale & Alameda

Beyond the Bite: Why Organics Matter

FREE SEMINAR! All ages welcome. Choose Sun or Tue

Sun Sep 25 at 11:00 am at Natural Grocers, Colfax & Washington, Denver

Tue Sep 27 at 6:30 pm at Natural Grocers, Leetsdale & Alameda, Denver

Get Motivated! Words that Inspire Change (What to say and what NOT to say)

FREE SEMINAR! All ages welcome. Choose Tue or Wed

Tue Aug 30 at 6:30 pm at Natural Grocers, Leetsdale & Alameda, Denver

Wed Aug 31 at 6:30 pm at Natural Grocers, Colfax & Washington, Denver

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Learn what to say and what NOT to say to help yourself and loved ones make lifestyle changes.

Did you know that telling someone to quit smoking actually reduces the chance of quitting? So, what should we say in self-talk and conversations with others, when we’re trying to drop old habits?

Joan Gregerson, Wellness Coach and Eco-Nut, shares a technique called Motivational Interviewing. You’ll learn simple phrases and questions that you can use to transform lives, even your own!

Summer 2016 Classes at Violet Hive Art Therapy & Healing
3107 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206
Pre-registration required on Meetup
48 Hours advance notice. Minimum class size: 3 people

Sunday, July 24, 2016
DIY Sauerkraut: Fermenting food for fun and health
3 - 5 pm
$35 per person

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Open Book Writing Group

3 - 4:30 pm

$5 for new members

Free for existing members


SUNDAYS May 1 – July 31

(No class May 29, July 3)

3:00 – 5:00 pm

$35 per session

With special sessions:

June 19       DIY Sauerkraut: Fermenting food for fun and health

June 26       Totem Walk with Siri Bird

July 24        DIY Sauerkraut: Fermenting food for fun and health



6:30 – 8:00 pm


April 6         20 Things I Want (Visioning) ($19)

April 13       How to Make Nut & Seed Milks ($19)

April 20       My Wellness - Support Group ($5)

April 27       3-Day Guided Juice Cleanse ($39)


May 4          20 Things I Want (Visioning) ($19)

May 11        How to Make Juice without a Juicer ($19)

May 18        My Wellness - Support Group ($5)

May 25        3-Day Guided Juice Cleanse ($39)


Class Descriptions

Feeling lost and confused when it comes to nutrition and wellness? Find your way home. The key is…YOU! In these classes you’ll learn to trust your body. Through creative exercises, you’ll come up with the ideas for what you want to do. You’ll get information and support to help you on your journey. Make this year the year you take charge of your own wellness!


Poem-A-Day Writing Program ($50 for 4 sessions)

Anyone can write poetry! Take the challenge to write a poem every day during April for National Poetry Writing Month. In class, we’ll use writing prompts and exercises to make writing poetry fun, easy and healing.


One World Wellness Program ($299 for 12 sessions)

In this 12-week intensive series, connect to your own wellness. Figure out what is important to you. Open your awareness to how your choices impact the world around you. This class includes art, poetry, meditation to help you connect to your inner voice, with videos and recipes to keep it fun.


Wednesday Wellness Workshops

20 Things I Want (Visioning) ($19)

Based on the book, The Energy Cure, by William Bengston, this class is a monthly session where you can take time to clarify what it is that you really want. Clarity is a spiritual value. This class is similar to a vision board, with a fun twist.


How to Make Superfoods at Home ($19)

In this series, you’ll learn how to make a different food or drink every month. We’ll focus on learning basic techniques and ratios, so you can easily create an ever-changing array of powerful, delicious combinations.


My Wellness Support Group ($5)

This is an open-format support group for those that want to improve their own wellness. Each week we’ll use different creativity exercises like the Wellness Wheel, Journaling, Poetry and Interviewing.  Find support for changes you want to make for yourself. 


How to Change (and Overcome Addictions) ($29)

Our personal evolution is limited only by our ability to make the changes we know will enhance our lives. Knowing about the Process of Change and Motivational Interviewing can help you make those changes for good.


Restart! Guided 3-Day Juice Cleanse ($39)

How can you get off sugar and processed food when it’s everywhere? Try a 3-Day Guided Juice Cleanse! In the Wednesday class, we’ll cover emotional eating and how to buy or make your juice. Start your cleanse on Sunday.


at Violet Hive Art

SUNDAYS April 3, 10, 17 24

3:00 – 4:30 pm

$50 for 4 sessions / $16 drop in

Open to all ages, all levels

Free Classes at Denver Public Library branches
  • Jan 13 at Ross Cherry Creek Library: Ready for a Fresh Start? Reboot!
  • Jan 23 at Woodbury Library: Ready for a Fresh Start? Reboot!
  • Feb 6 at Decker Library: Making Green Juice and Smoothies
  • Mar 12 at Ross University Hills Library: Making Green Juice and Smoothies

How to Make Family-Friendly Superfoods at Home
Series of Four Saturday Classes
Ross-Cherry Creek Library Community Room
305 Milwaukee St, Denver, CO 80206
$10 per adult per class for registration with 48 hour advance registration. $15 per adult per class for walk-in registration, payable in cash, check or credit card.
Register now:

Supercharge Your Family! Supercharge Your Life!

Learn how to easily make delicious, nutritious food and drinks to superpower your family. Join Joan Gregerson, Nutrition Educator and owner of Positive Energy Works, for a 4-week series in the lower level meeting room at the Ross Cherry Creek Library. Attend any number of classes.
• In each 90-minute class, you’ll learn three quick and easy recipes and sample one or more recipes.
• Find out how these recipes satisfy the pickiest eaters, reduce cravings and promote health.
• Get tips for picking up low cost, quality ingredients and for making ahead and storing.
• All recipes can be made at home with a basic blender (drinks) or food processor (cookies).
• Price: Kids under 12 free. Adults: $10 per class for registration 48 hours in advance or $15 per class for walk-in registration.
• Register online via the Positive Energy Works Meetup for each class.

Nov 7 Week 1: How to Make Green Smoothies
Throw some fruit, some greens and water or nut milk into a blender and voila! This is the easiest green drink, with a taste that kids and adults love. With their fruity zing, staying power and quick prep, smoothies are a great option for breakfast or after-school snacks.

Nov 14 Week 2: How to Make Green Juice, and Juicing without a Juicer
Why pay up to $10 for a fresh juice at a juice bar when you can easily make your own! No juicer? No worries! Learn how to use an inexpensive mesh bag and a blender for a quick and easy alternative to using a juicer. Green juice is the “go to” drink for busy families that want to supercharge their nutrition.

Nov 21 Week 3: How to Make Nut and Seed Milks
For a special treat, make your own nut milk! Sure, you can buy almond milk, coconut milk and hemp milk in the store, but homemade tastes so much better! Served warm, sprinkled with cinnamon or cocoa, this milk makes a satisfying treat on cold days.

No class November 28 due to Thanksgiving weekend.

Dec 5 Week 4: How to Make Healthy Holiday Treats
This year, wouldn’t it be lovely to give your family and friends an array of healthy, luscious cookies and fudge? Learn how to make raw, paleo-friendly treats that can be packed together as a beautiful gift. The recipes use holiday flavors of cranberries, chocolate, and other favorites with nuts, dates and coconut oil for health-promoting treats that everyone loves!

Questions? Contact Joan at or call 720 224 7020.

29-Day Inner Peace Experience with Joan Gregerson

Sign up to get a piece of peace delivered to you fresh daily! From Aug 24 - Sep 21, you'll receive a poem, video, quote, journaling prompt or tips for becoming a more peaceful, powerful person. Let's create a culture of peace, together!

Questions? Contact joan (at)

Longmont Recreation Center Community Classes
Fall 2014 Register online

Tuning In to Inner Peace

If you worry and agonize about the past or the future, you are missing the very joy of living. Learn simple techniques through fun, interactive exercises that will make you a more powerful, peaceful and joyful force in the world. Tune in and transform your life. This class meets weekly for four weeks.

Ages 16 & up: Sep. 10 - Oct 1, 2014, Wed 6:30-8:00 pm  
Class ID: 447191.09

St. Vrain Memorial Building, 700 Longs Peak

$50 Longmont resident/ $62.50 non-resident

Register online

Writing Poetry

Whether you're a poet extraordinaire or you've never written a poem in your life, join us! This easy-going class will guide you through simple exercises. With a four-minute time limit, 100-word essays and three-line formats, you'll enjoy writing and realize that poetry is ready when you are. This class meets weekly for four weeks.

Ages 16 & up: Oct 23 - Nov 13, 2014, Thu 6:30-8:00 pm

Class ID: 447192.10

St. Vrain Memorial Building, 700 Longs Peak

$50 Longmont resident $62.50 non-resident

Register online


Teaching elementary students - Samcheonpo, South Korea (2013)


Reading with learners - Accra, Ghana, West Africa (2009)


Painting with elementary students - Samcheonpo, South Korea (2013)


English conversation class - Busan, South Korea (2010)