Custom Classes

Classes and Seminars


I love teaching adults and kids. The topics vary but the goal is always the same: how to live and love better, and enjoy life more! There are many tips and tricks we can learn to make life easier.


Wellness and Nutrition

  • One World Wellness
  • How to Change
  • How to Make Superfoods at Home
  • 3-Day Juice Cleanse

Inner Peace

  • Teaching the book: Tuning In to Inner Peace
  • Art and writing-based interactive exercises
  • Journaling
  • Discussions



  • Poetry, memoirs
  • Writing prompts
  • Writing group facilitation



  •  How meditation helps
  • Guided meditation
  • Nature as teacher
  • Music for meditation



  •  Joy of reading
  • Getting library cards
  • Finding good books


English Language

  • Based on EFFECTIVE learning strategies
  • Understanding language as similar to sports or music
  • Using art, music, games, videos, whole body movements
  • Roleplay, singing, actions
  • Combining reading and listening


Inspirational Leadership

  • Targeted learning for interests of students
  • Finding inspirational teachers: sports, music, overcoming challenges
  • Importance of passion


Mindful Parenting

  • How to slow down and enjoy more
  • Figuring out what is your responsibility
  • Better ways to handle difficult situations


Mindful Eating

  • Redefining 'good' food
  • Slowing down during mealtime
  • Enjoying food shopping and preparation
  • Finding ways to stop the inner battles around food