Website Development

Website Jumpstart Service
Have you been putting off getting a website because you think it's too complicated, too time-consuming or too expensive? Delay no longer!

Contact us today to jumpstart your website and one week from when you schedule your into call, your website can be up and working!

A jumpstart website is perfect if you:

  • Want a low-cost starter website
  • Have a business, product, association or artist to promote
  • Want a system that allows you to tweak the information from any computer
  • Are looking for low or no monthly fees (depending on your choice of site builder)
  • Allows you to easily upload photos, host slideshows, use tables
  • Automatically generate menus
  • Easily link to other pages on your site, outside websites, or embed youtube videos
  • Want an expert to guide you to an online website builder and web hosting service that meets your needs

Basic Jumpstart Service
  • Introductory phone call (30 minutes)
  • Onsite website jumpstart: 3-hour meeting at your home/office or mine, to design and set up a functioning basic website (up to 10 pages) Denver/Boulder area
  • Follow up phone call (30 minutes)
  • Weekly email check-in and support for two months
  • Does not include: domain name registration

Or contact us to develop a custom package for additional services:
  • Database creation
  • Email newsletter management
  • Online store
  • Other features?

How it Works:
Contact us to see if we can help you with your project. If yes, then ...

Pay for the service and schedule introductory phone call, onsite meeting and follow-up phone call

Introductory Call
Before the call, you'll start thinking about these and exploring them. On the call, we will:
Clarify Website Purpose
What three things you want visitors to your website to do?
Contact you to request services
Attend an event
Sign up for your newsletter
Watch your video
Read your resume
Buy a CD
What else do you want them to do or feel, after having visited your website?
Be impressed by your expertise
See that you are well-connected in an area that is important to them
Be curious about your strategy for making money online
Feel that they are missing out if they don't get your newsletter
Choose a Site Builder
We have many choices for online website builders. The following are all easy to use, free or affordable, multifeatured, robust options that we have used ourselves. Your choice will depend on if you like the templates, the monthly cost, and the features you'd like. We can help you determine which one is best to start with:
  • Microsoft Office Live - no monthly fee
  • Site Kreator - monthly fee varies, typical package Business level $19.95 per month
  • Or others: Yahoo Site Solutions, GoDaddy Website Tonight or Smart Space
We reserve the right to stop here, refunding all of your fee, if after talking, we decide you need to choose something more than a jumpstart website. Normally, we'll determine this prior to you paying, but as we talk your ideas and our understanding may evolve. 

Gather Materials
Collect information that will help make your website snazzy:
    • Photos
    • Videos (or links to youtube or other videos)
    • Written descriptions (brochures)
    • Testimonials
    • Articles
    • Links to other resources

Register Your Domain Name
  • We may do this at our onsite meeting or do it beforehand. You will pay for this, using a service such as or other domain registrar.

Onsite Meeting
  • Invite us over and we'll build a basic functioning site in three hours
  • We'll review the templates and select the sitebuilder
  • We'll set up new pages, upload photos, write or drop in text, insert links

One Month Check In
We'll have a 30-minute chat to discuss any issues or ideas you have

Follow Up Email Support for Two Months
Check in for weekly email support for two months from our onsite meeting, to make sure you understand exactly what's happening and how to maintain it yourself going forward.

Enjoy your fully functioning, easily update-able  website!

Explore your choice of site builders!

Compare site builders and view sites built with each tool.