What is Wellness Coaching?

What is Wellness Coaching?
Well, it's the exact opposite of today's medical profession! As your coach, I know that YOU are an expert on your own wellness. Yep, you!

How does it work?
We talk, laugh, draw and write. We explore. We discover. We learn. You decide. You transform. We rejoice!

You lead the way
People sometimes worry that a coach is going to 'make them do something.' When you work with me, you'll decide what we work on and how. It's like we are walking in nature, and you choose which path to take.

What's right for you? Paleo or vegan? Dairy-free or kefir every day?
My wellness coaching is based on the concept developed by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition: "bioindividuality". That simply means, that food for one is poison for another. No outside expert can tell you for sure what to eat. But by learning to listen to and trust your body, you can and will figure it out for yourself!

Primary Food
Someone who comes home and eats everything in the frig might have a relationship disorder or a career disorder, rather than simply an eating disorder. We take time to explore what fills your soul. And what is eating you! We'll work to deconstruct cravings to provide you the freedom you've been missing.

Secondary Food
Food. What you put in your body is important. You'll learn tips and tricks for bringing more vegetables and fruit into your life. If you want to try out a specific diet to see if you feel better on it, I will help you succeed! With new recipes in hand and encouragement and accountability, you can make those dietary changes you've been longing for.

Goals and Tracking
You'll set achievable goals for yourself. With regular check-ins during and between sessions, you will be motivated and able to adjust to encounter whatever life brings. At the end of your 3-month or 6-month program, you'll be able to look back and see the improvements.