About Joan Gregerson


I am a writer and a bunch of other stuff.


I write to understand and explore, to inspire and to learn. I published my first poem in the Denver Post at age 11, and I've been writing poetry ever since. Writing became part of my life with daily journaling during extended travels of six-month and longer sojourns riding bikes in Australia and New Zealand, traveling in Latin America with kids, and more recently working as an English teacher in Korea and the Middle East.


For over 20 years, I researched, wrote about, and helped implement energy efficiency and sustainable design projects. Finding ways to bring technical concepts to life, facilitating networks of curious risk-takers and telling success stories was my passion and my livelihood.

After traveling in Ghana, I began developing websites to share the beauty I experienced there. My friends and I worked together to promote their talents of drumming, painting and acrobatics.

In 2011 my writing moved from simmering on the back burner, after joining the amazing Open Book Writing Group. With the momentum and inspiration of the group, my writing matured and became a clear purpose in my life.

In 2012, I published my first book on Inner Peace and in 2013 I published my second book, a poetry book.

My primary focus now is sharing what I've learned in the past several years, through speaking engagements, my books and my almost-daily blog: